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Undergraduate Admissions

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Why Choose UM College Ahead?

Dual enrollment allows a student to receive both high school credit and college credit for a UM course. (Students should consult theirguidance counselor about the credit they will receive.) Students can earn up to 30 hours of college credit, which transfers to most colleges nationwide.

College Ahead students have access to Carmichael Library resources and get free admission to UM home athletic events.

Students have the flexibility to take on-campus or online courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for admission?

  • Submit the College Ahead application with approval from guidance counselor and parent/guardian
  • Submit high school transcript
  • High School GPA = 3.0 (4-point scale)
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA in college-level work

Who is eligible?yellow Pants Black Trousers Utalja Moves nCaq5wxtIx

High school seniors and juniors (with approval of their counselor) who meet the admissions requirements.

What is the maximum amount of college credit I can earn?

30 hours which is equal to one year of college work.

Which classes are offered online?

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Classes Offered Online (by term)Straight Indigo Leg Diesel Jeans Neekhol RTZ5qgw Fall Spring Summer
Introduction to Macroeconomics X X
Introduction to Microeconomics Fashion Weiss New Arrival Tie Joop X X
Composition I (English 101) X
Introductory French I X
Introductory French II X
World Regional Geography X X X
History of World Civilizations II X
Introduction to Computers X
Tie New Weiss Arrival Joop Fashion Invitation to Listening (MUS 121) X X
American National Government X X X
Foundations in Psychology X
Introductory Sociology X X X
Introduction to Theatre X X

What is an example of a College Ahead plan of study?

Most students choose to take courses that are considered
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General Education classes.

Junior Year
Joop Fashion Tie Weiss Arrival New Fall, one course 3 hours credit
Spring, one course 3 hours credit
Summer, two courses 6 hours credit
Senior Year
Fall, one course  3 hours credit
Spring, one course  3 hours credit
Summer, four courses 12 hours credit
(after high school graduation)
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One year of course work = 30 hours credit


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