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DeVant 43 in. 43DL541

  • LED
  • 43 inches
  • 1920x1080
P14,599 - Yuma Hoodie Supply Supply Green Yuma Yuma Supply Yuma Green Hoodie Supply (12 Prices)

DeVant 32 in. 32DTV800

  • Smart TV, LED
  • 32 inches
  • 1366x768
    • Yuma Green Supply Hoodie Supply Yuma
P9,771.78 - (15 Prices)

DeVant 43 in. 43DTV800

  • Supply Green Yuma Supply Yuma Hoodie Smart TV, LED
  • 43 inches
  • 1920x1080
P17,490 - (13 Prices)
Supply Hoodie Yuma Green Yuma Supply 52

DeVant 32 in. 32DL540

  • LED
  • 32 inches
  • 1366x768
P13,698 - (9 Prices)
updated on Sep 21, 2018, 22:50

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DeVant TVs Price 2018

Latest DeVant TVs Green Yuma Supply Yuma Supply Hoodie Price
DeVant 58 in. 58DTV700 P93,143
DeVant 65 in. 65AVC400 Hoodie Green Yuma Supply Supply Yuma P57,500 -
DeVant 50 in. 50DTV700 P26,500 -
DeVant 55 in. 55LTV800 P22,707 -
DeVant 50 in. 50LTV800 P20,790 -
DeVant 65 in. 65UHV300 P51,990 -
DeVant 55 in. 55UHV300 P30,990 -
DeVant 50 in. 50UHV300 P24,890 -
DeVant 43 in. 43UHV300 P21,890 -
Yuma Supply Green Supply Yuma Hoodie DeVant 39 in. 39DL641 P13,850 -
DeVant 58 in. 58DTV700

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About DeVant TVs

DeVant has improved home entertainment TVs in Philippines

Home entertainment goods and other similar electronics products in Philippines are very rich in number and quality. Why is that? This is primary due to the fact that Filipino markets are the hub of South Asian electronic products, and thus it serves as a wholesaler to various small markets around the region. DeVant is an extremely popular television brand that is found in Philippines. It proudly produces some of the best TVs in and around Philippines.

Having said that, DeVant frequently partners itself with US productions and enterprises in order to improve their sales and make their product better in this market. Recently, they collaborated with Marvel, on Avengers: Age of Ultron, and came out with an extensive TV collection for a complete viewing experience. It offers HD TVs, along with special 3D products, Ultra HD displays and much more.

Brief History

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The company behind DeVant is Techpoint Enterprises. It was established not long ago, around the beginning of the 21st century, in 2000. However, its growth and popularity in the electronic goods business has been unprecedented. They have brought forward some cutting edge technology in the last couple of years, and through their research and development, they have generated a large response in the Filipino community as well.

Reason for Popularity

DeVant has brought forward several new technological advances in the last couple of years. This is the reason as to why the Filipino community is so fond of this brand. Several new TV products are coming in the markets. This company has already brought LED TVs in Philippines, along with Smart 3D technology as well as Ultra HD monitors for a better display and improved pixel rate. Thus, the Filipino community is being flooded by popular technology by this company, and the common people seem to enjoy their viewing experience through DeVant products. The assisted audio equipment provided by this company are also pretty good in their application.

Supply Green Yuma Supply Yuma Hoodie Popular Models

There are some products that are effectively capable to improve the Filipino industry of TVs. These models have either been already released in the markets, or they will be, very soon. Let’s have a look at such models which have improved the sales figures of this company.

Ultra HD TVs

  • SBC330 – This curve TV offers a 4K Ultra HD picture quality, with 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. It also has pre-installed Opera Apps Store for a better interactive experience. Complete colour optimization is present, along with full hardware support. Enables JPEG, MP3 and MKV support, with built-in ISDB-T receiver.
  • UHV130 – With an impressive pixel resolution of 3840 x 2160, this HD TV offers 4K Ultra HD display. A perfect clear display panel is present, with cross colour suppressor technology and complete optimization. USB support is also present, with multiple file support types, including MKV files.

Smart 3D TVs

  • LTV730 – For a complete 3D experience, this product offers full HD display with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. A dynamic contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 is available with in-built HDMI and USB support. Opera Apps Store allows for a better interactive experience as well. Most file types can be played.
  • ATV630 – This version operates on Android Jelly Bean OS, version 4.2, and can be easily operated in between 3D and 2D functionality. It displays full HD picture with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and offers complete HDMI and HDMI1 support. A wide variant of video files can be played as well.


  • CB520 – For a lucid viewing pleasure, this LED TV offers a perfectly clear display panel. It also offers a complete HD support log, with an impressive resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. In addition to that, a dynamic contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 is also present, with HDMI x3 support.
  • GL510 – This is yet another LED Tech TV from DeVant, with a complete viewing display panel and full HD support. It offers an impressive resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, with full USB and HDMI port support. It also plays multiple file types, including the likes of MP3 and MKV.

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